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A Magical Realm is in Need of Saving


Laurel has finally come from the home that she has known her whole life—the human world—into Avalon, a spectacular realm of beauty and faeries. And Avalon is about to become her new home, for she is like the inhabitants of Avalon, born of faerie blood and with precious skills considered by her own people to be necessary. Now, Laurel and the world of Avalon are being threatened by a dangerous enemy. Still unable to leave behind her connection to the human world, Laurel is torn. Should she rely on her human boyfriend, David, for assistance or turn instead to Tamani, the charming faerie who has been a great comfort to her and with whom she shares an undeniable attraction? Laurel has great decisions to make, but she must act quickly before her own life and the very security of her faerie home are compromised completely. Find out which way Laurel turns in Spells, the upcoming release from Aprilynne Pike.
Spells is the sequel to the popular young adult fantasy-fiction release Wings, Pike’s debut and award-winning piece about a seemingly ordinary young woman with an extraordinary circumstance. Now that Laurel knows about her true nature, she must reintegrate herself into the faerie society of Avalon. But this entails much work on her part, for she has what seems to be an entire world to learn. And, as if matters were not already complicated enough for Laurel, there are enemies who seek to infiltrate this domain of faerie splendor. Spells takes you along Laurel’s journey into her original homeland and through the trial of her return to both unfamiliar landscapes and ways of behaving. This novel is the second component in a series of four books.
If you are an avid reader of young adult fiction, especially in the fantasy genre, then Spells will make an excellent addition to your collection. And, of course, those who are already familiar with Pike’s Wings will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spells in bookstores later this season.

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