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An Investigative Reporter as the Suspect of a Murder Investigation?

Silencing Sam

Riley Spartz, an investigative reporter for Channel 3 of Minneapolis television, is in a great deal of trouble. Not only is she being overcome by the challenge of new competition within the newsroom, but also she finds herself in the predicament of being part of a homicide investigation–she is the suspect…
With both her professional reputation and personal freedom at stake, Riley must look into the case of Sam Pierce, a gossip writer with a toxic personality and a reputation for sensationalizing topics that are hardly newsworthy, because she needs to figure out who is responsible for his murder. Sure, Sam was despised by many people, but murder is murder and all the more serious when you are the prime suspect. Maybe throwing that drink on the “star of gossip” in a public bar was not such a great idea. As far as the police investigation goes, Riley is in the spotlight as a result of her recent altercation with Sam, so she focuses her efforts on uncovering the facts behind the crime and unraveling its mystery before it is too late. And clues to the case are coming from enigmatic sources: complicated gun records, floral arrangements, Facebook…
…Riley Spartz is in a dangerous position, and it seems to be getting worse. What will it take to figure out who finally followed through with the act of silencing Sam?
Julie Kramer is the author of Silencing Sam, a murder-mystery thriller with a journalistic slant and comedic undertones. Kramer is no stranger to the territory of investigative reporting: she led the nationally award-winning investigative unit for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. Currently, she serves as a freelance network news producer for CBS and NBC.
She is also the highly praised author of Stalking Susan, her award–winning debut thriller. Drawing from her personal experience, she crafts the story of Riley Spartz, a reporter caught in an overwhelming struggle for everything–her job, her freedom, and her life. The novel is an engaging and suspenseful thriller from start to finish, though well-balanced with dashes of “deadpan humor” that seem well-placed and effectively utilized.
Fans of her previous work will no doubt appreciate the release of Silencing Sam, and for anyone who enjoys murder mystery and thriller-style fiction, Kramer’s newest novel will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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