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Behind the Mask with Jonathan Maberry

The guest for this month’s edition is Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author.  Host, Ed English, spends another fleeting hour discussing Jonathan’s illustrious writing career, from martial arts to monster parts.  Jonathan’s early work was writing magazine articles and instructional books about martial arts.  He then ventured into the world of monster mythos and has written works of both fiction and non-fiction regarding vampires and zombies, and was tapped to pen the novel adaption of The Wolfman movie.


And, of course, we always like to talk about comics on Behind the Mask.  Jonathan has authored several works for Marvel, including a Wolverine story for Marvel Zombies Return, an arc in the new Black Panther series, the Doomwar multi-title storyline, and the new Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher.  You can find Jonathan on both Facebook and Twitter as well as follow his blog at http://www.jonathanmaberry.com.
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