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Renee BernhardWelcome to my blog for “Canned Laughter and Coffee” where I’ll be talking about our shows, the books and frankly, about my crazy life.

As it’s that time of year (aka Valentine’s Day pre/post and for some, “what was that?!), and we’ve had so many fantastic romance authors on the show already this year (I’m loving 2011 so far!!)  I started to think about the nature of my wonderful relationship with my husband.

My husband has A.D.D.  My husband is also a romantic.

It’s a comical combination that makes my life extremely interesting.  Good examples are when he’s so sweet and asks if I’d like a cup of hot tea (you can insert any beverage here, really.  Cocktail, ice water, orange juice, you name it.)  I say yes.  An hour later, when I decide to go ahead and seek out said beverage and its handsome bearer, I can find him in the garage working on a project.  Because it occurred to him that it would be easier for me to work (and enjoy that cup of tea!) if I had better shelves and more room.

I leave him to his project, get my drink and retreat.  Then start to worry about this “improvement” and decide maybe I should have given him a little input to make sure he’s on the right track.

Only to find him outside watering the garden.  Because he hasn’t in a while and since he didn’t have all the tools he needed for the shelves, he thought maybe roses would be nice.  A sweet gesture to make me feel loved—or at least, it was going to be before the state of the parched garden caught his eye…

I am loved.  As consistently as any woman.  And instead of one romantic gesture, mine can envision about a dozen a day.  Envision, mind you.  Not necessarily achieve.

Does it matter?

Not at all.  It’s the thought that counts.

And that brain of his never stops.  So I’m the luckiest woman in the world. 😉

Anyone else have any unusual “love stories” to share?  We love to hear from our listeners and of course, if you have a favorite author you haven’t heard on the program yet, feel free to let us know!  Thanks for tuning in on Tuesday nights and we’ll “see” you next week!

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