Dreaming Big with Fantasy Author Anna DeStefano

By Sheila English

Ever heard of “Dream Theory?” or watch the movie Inception? How close are we to really being able to control dreams?

Author Anna DeStefano talks about her interest in dream theory and the paranormal, why her books are considered “paranormal fantasy” and why she chose to move her novels into a different genre.

If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed so real it stuck with you even after you woke up then Anna’s novel Secret Legacy may be the perfect book for you. Similar to the movie Inception, but with its own unique characters and storyline this book is unlike anything I’ve ever read.

Anna made some great suggestions on reading material for those of you who are interested in the topic of dreams.

Secret LegacySome good ones from Anna’s research for Dark Legacy and Secret Legacy: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (Stephen Leberge, Ph. D. and Howard Rheingold); How Dreams Can Enrich Your Relationships: Learn from Your Dream, Understand Your Emotions, Find Fulfillment (Nicholas Heyneman); Get a Grip on Dreams (Maeve Ennis and Jennifer Parker).

And here is more information about her blogs as promised!

Anna’s dream theory series:  The top two posts are on “The Hidden Gold of Dream Interpretation” and “Your Emotional Connection” both of which she thinks she referred to concepts from the program.

Her Psychic Realm series is cool, too.  A recent post was about “The Madness of Being Gifted.”

Dark LegacyDark Legacy, Book 1, will be a .99 cent download through this Sunday, then it will still be discounted at $2.99 (on Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc.) after that. It will also be a Free Friday download June 17th, on Barnes and Nobles Unbound blog (for Nook lovers).

And, as if you needed MORE incentive check this out!!!

Secret Legacy will be a .99 cent download everywhere June 6th – June 13th!

There are lots of free chances to win Dark Legacy or Secret Legacy!  Find a summary here. Dorchester’s offering a free Secret Legacy download as a randomly drawn “commenter” prize for all of Anna’s guest blogs!

I got a chance to talk to Anna about my own dream experiences and she shared some of her own secrets. Find out more by checking out this week’s Reader’s Entertainment Podcast!

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