The Adventurous Pursuit of a New Truth

More than a hundred years ago, Nicholas Notovitch, a Russian journalist, made an astonishing discovery. Hidden within an isolated monastery in the Himalayan Mountains, Notovitch stumbled upon a text that could provide a link between Eastern and Western religions. According to this remarkable ancient book, the world’s various faiths are not as disparate as they seem. But the book never reached the public, and its mighty secret disappeared with it…

In our present day, scholar Grant Matthews is determined to find this enigmatic book so that its reality can be shared with the world. Of course, Matthews has no idea what such a quest entails. As if the terrain of the Himalayas was not rough enough, he now has the weight of a conspiracy on his shoulders, one hatched by fanatical believers who refuse to recognize the potential of this mystery’s full realization. In their eyes, it would shatter faith and lead to the instability of the world’s great religions. And they will stop at nothing to keep this book from being made public. Matthews could with his success change our very understanding of divinity, and religion would never be the same, but first he has to survive.

Join Matthews on his exciting journey in The Breath of God: A Novel of Suspense. Based upon actual historical accounts, this piece is fast-paced and purpose-driven, the perfect read for any suspense fanatic. Lovers of thrilling, religiously-oriented fiction will thoroughly enjoy The Breath of God. Jeffrey Small, the author of the novel, is an award winning writer and speaker who has a passion for and expertise in the area of religious studies. Check out The Breath of God, in bookstores everywhere, and find out where the pursuit of truth will take us.


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