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Comedy, Romance and The Character Most like Sabrina Jeffries


Part 4 of a 4 part video interview series

Everyone loves laughter, love and a happy ending, so it’s not surprising that Sabrina Jeffries is a bestselling author of historical romance. As charming as the books she rights, Jeffries’ interview makes us feel like we’re sitting down with a cup of coffee to talk to a friend.

Jeffries is no stranger to comedy, as her novels often have funny situations and dialog that have readers coming back for more. She talks about the importance of the “happily ever after” and how comedy plays a part in that in this one-on-one interview. The author has a new novels out now entitled To Wed a Wild Lord and will have the last book in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series coming in January 2012 entitled A Lady Never Surrenders.

Sabrina may surprise some of you as she talks about the one character in her books that she feels she is the most similar too. Join us in enjoying a personal chat with Sabrina Jeffries.


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