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At the Desk with Christine Feehan

Christine at her "office"

Christine Feehan‘s office isn’t your typical office. It’s a small room at the back of her home where you’ll find a large, comfy chair and the most beautiful view of the California redwoods that you can imagine.  It’s serene, lovely and quiet.

Christine at her "office"

Christine doesn’t actually sit at a desk.  She has her laptop or iPad out constantly and is always working, but usually from an overstuffed chair in her office, her bedroom or the living room.  Part of the reason for this uncommon writing style has to do with her love of animals.

The Feehan clan (we call all families with more than 10 children a “clan”) love animals and children.  And though you will almost always find a laptop on Christine’s lap, you will almost always find a child, children or her dogs on her laps as well.  It is a special kind of skill that can manage all of those and still write.

Currently, Mrs. Feehan is working on a couple of novels and preparing for her FAN convention which is coming up in a few weeks. But regardless of what she’s doing you can pretty much bet she’s not doing it alone.

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