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It’s Time for All Hallows Read


All Hallows Read is a tradition, albeit a recent tradition, begun way back in 2010 by author Neil Gaiman. Adding a literary ‘bump in the night‘ to the Halloween holiday. The premise of All Hallows Read to to give someone a scary book instead of candy or with some candy. As Gaiman says to the kids in his neighborhood; “Take it. Read it. Trust me… around here… a book can be… safer than candy.” 

At the All Hallows Read website you will find stickers, mini-books you can print out to give, and assorted posters all free to use for your ghoulish All Hallows Read. You can follow others who are participating on Twitter using  #AllHallowsRead.

Gaiman wants to encourage reading and giving a book on Halloween is intended to start a new holiday tradition. From the All Hallows website: “This is about making a holiday tradition of book-giving. So feel free to give second-hand books or books from your own shelves. And feel just as free to buy a beautiful new book from a small independent bookseller, or from online or… look, there’s no wrong way to buy a book. You can even gift it to their Kindle.

Neil explains it best:


Happy All Hallows Read!






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