Guest Post from Brandie Wilson – Read the Book First or Watch the Movie? – The Classic Battle

When a book or a novel is picked up by the reader to make it into a film it sounds like that you are going to get a good treat after many days. Or even when you hear that a movie is going to release, do you rush and pick up the book to read it, so that you get familiar with the storyline?

I think some people prefer to do that, they prefer to have knowledge on the storyline and then watch the movie to enjoy it in a griffin manner. Some thinks that having a good movie grasping ability, may land up in better understanding of the flaws or appreciation of the enacted drama on the screen.

In the summers I just finished reading the book The Hunger Games and soon I found the movie was going to appear on the screen. But I don’t know how this strong science fiction can be squeezed into a two-hour sequence and how it can entertainment such a mass? We know the novel turned movies are not made for the common mass; they have to get special kind of audience, which means it can’t make profit at the box office. However, to have a mass appeal it has to work a lot and had to think in the theatrical mode, taking an off route from the actual novel.

Currently, I am movie through the motto read the book first then go for the movie. Though it is not a hard and fast kind of rule. But that is the way I can enjoy watching the movie as well as the book.

However, I also came across certain ideas where people tell that not knowing a movie fully is better, as it makes you watch in a groovy way. Yes, there are some instances where the movie is hard to follow, as the plot is quite complex. At this time, I feel frustrated, and began to lose a foothold from the storyline.  It’s really very hard to say what to do, watch the movie or read the book, and the classic battle continues.

The Hunger Games, as a book is really a good read and if you love adventure you will surely love it, but getting down to the scenes rather putting your imaginations in the right place is really a tough job. If I take for example, Harry Potter, it is really a visual satisfaction for the readers who have read it twice or thrice.

Yes, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and the Order of the Phoenix I think this two of the novel series are having a beautiful picturesque on the screen. I don’t think books are getting justice when they are put on the screen, and there is no such movie.

Well, people may argue on my comment, but choices vary. At times the storyline is changed to such an extent that it steals the essence of the real book. But if it gets critical acclamation for that particular change then, I think that is a kind of slight justice that they might have made.

Yes the movies like Forrest Gump are well anticipated after they get into the theatres. Though the director confirms that he had thought to out all the sequence, but has not turned the movie sluggish, so he kept it simple.

But still I will stick to my statement and will go for book at first and then the movie. Yet, I also confirm that movies are there which can really change my statement.

Author’s Bio:
Brandie Wilson, an entertainment blogger and writer often puts up blogs on latest TV releases and movie reviews. She also tells about some cool offers and dish network plans to entertain customers in a pocket-savvy way.

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