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Robin the Boy Wonder — Killed


Grant Morrison Batman Incorporated Writer told a reporter for the New York Post, that Robin will die in the the next comic book issue. Robin however, has been killed before and was interestingly ‘resurrected’. In 1988 the Boy Wonder was killed by the Joker, when the character was Jason Todd.

The latest character, Damien Wayne, the ten-year old son of Bruce Wayne will apparently be taken out by a clone of himself. Robin, as fans of the Batman world know, has been played by several different characters, and is often in peril as he helps Batman fight crime. This time however, the ‘caped crusader‘ won’t get there in time to save him.

In a quote from Morrision, “He saves the world. He does his job as Robin. He dies an absolute hero.

Issue eight of Batman Incorporated is on sale now.



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