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Option to Kill featured on WSJ: The Return of The Serial Novel


OPTION TO KILL was featured in the Wall Street Journal today. What a nice surprise! It’s an interesting article about how the “serialized” thrillers from days long past are being reintroduced and making a comeback. Could we be heading toward a new age of week-to-week nail biting and living on the edge of seats while our favorite heroes dive into peril and excitement with each new episode? I don’t know about you, but it sounds like an intriguing concept that’s well suited for the digital age.

In September 2012, OPTION TO KILL was originally launched as a serialized novel in seven episodes (released every two weeks,) but it’s now available as a complete eBook, trade paperback, or audiobook. I hope you enjoy the WSJ article.


Serialized fiction, an all-but-lost art form that was practiced by such literary giants as Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy and Joseph Conrad, is rebounding in the digital era. The growing use of tablets, smartphones and e-ink devices has created a vibrant new market for short fiction as readers flock to stories they can digest in one sitting.

Hoping to make novels as habit-forming as appointment television, a handful of publishers and several new digital-publishing upstarts are experimenting with the same type of short, episodic fiction that weekly or monthly periodicals published in the 19th century.  READ MORE

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