Readers Predict the Plot of Dan Brown’s Inferno


Dan Brown’s Inferno is about to be released, but no one knows exactly what the book is about. DoubleDay Book Club asked 100,000 of their trusted readers to get in on the action and help  predict the plot. They are happy to report that the results are in!

According to a majority of DoubleDay Book Club readers…

World renown symbologist Robert Langdon will travel to Verona, Italy, where he’ll use Dante’s Inferno as a map to unlock untold secrets. With the help of a beautiful and highly intellectual art historian, Langdon will be forced to confront an ancient secret society as he battles to save his soul!

Remember that’s just our collective best guess. For the real deal on Robert Langdon’s next adventure, stay tuned for the release of Dan Brown’s Inferno on May 15th!

In a survey of over 100,000 readers, conducted by DoubleDay Book Club, fans and readers of Dan Brown were ask to predict the plot of his newest release here are the results:

Where do you think a majority of the story will take place?
Verona, where Dante spent years in exile – 34%
Ravenna, site of Dantes death and his tomb – 26.7%
Florence – Where Dante was born and raised – 22.7%
Vatican City – Home of the Sistine Chapel and endless religious history – 16. 6%

Since the book has a connection to Dante’s Inferno, Robert Langdon will?
Use the epic poem to unlock secrets – 79.1%
Descend into an evil underworld – 9.6%
Be confronted with a major sin from his past – 8.8%
Lose his sense of morality and give in to his darkest impulses – 2.6%


Who will be Langdon’s villainous foe?
An ancient secret society – 34.6%
A corrupt religious leader – 32.7%
A murderous art thief – 19.6%
An evil businessman – 13.1%

A female doctor is mentioned in the first chapter. If she’s not Langdon’s love interest, it will be?
A beautiful and highly intellectual art historian – 41.7%
Sophie from the Da Vinci Code – 25%
Nope, it’s definitely the doctor – 18.6%
A skeptical European detective – 14.8%

What will Langdon be forced to save?
His soul – 32.7%
A priceless piece of art – 25.7%
A major European city – 24.3%
The woman he loves – 17.6%

Do you agree with the survey respondents?




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