A BROKEN CHILDHOOD Remembering child abuse – A voice for all children FROM AUTHOR LYDIA OLA TAIWO


Date: August 15, 2013
Contact info: Lydia Ola Taiwo


A BROKEN CHILDHOOD  Remembering child abuse – A voice for all children

 “This book should be required reading for every social
worker in the country.”
– Shaun Pearce

(London -August 15, 2013) Remembering child abuse  – a voice for all children

Baby P and Victoria Climbiè are already names synonymous with horrific cases of abuse, cruelty and neglect. However they’re certainly not isolated cases as one British author recounts.

“I never want to see another Daniel Pelka, Baby P or Victoria Climbiè case again,”
says Lydia softly and in tones that belie her own horrific past. From abused child to survivor, doctor, author and mother of six, Dr Lydia Taiwo has become an outspoken campaigner against child abuse.

Regularly whipped and beaten bloody, sometimes hospitalised, Lydia Taiwo was never on social services radar or anyone else’s. She should have been.  Her shattering autobiography, A Broken Childhood, is already on the reading list of many teachers and social care professionals.

A true life story, the book pulls no punches as it describes abuse that has left her physically and mentally scarred. It stands as a stark reminder and testament to the horrific and unreported abuse that many children still experience even today.

Synopsis: At the age of five, Lydia was torn away from a safe and happy foster home and taken back to live with her real parents in London. It was the start of a nightmare. Forced into a new life with people she didn’t  know, she was plunged into a world of violence. No love was shown by either parent. Instead, she endured sadistic and unending abuse but with a younger sister and brother to protect, there could be no running away from it. A Broken Childhood is the true and shocking story of her experiences.


A Broken Childhood is available on Amazon.
Amazon U.K ISBN:  978-1846245909
Print copies available for reviewers

Other books by Dr Lydia Taiwo:

A Broken Childhood  II- Forgiveness – When your whole childhood and young adulthood have been devastated by abuse, how do you forgive those who harmed you? When the people who harmed you are your parents, how can you possibly get over that? Lydia Ola Taiwo told the shocking story of her ruined childhood in her first book, A Broken Childhood: A True Story of Abuse. In this new volume she continues the story, describing how she and her sister were taken to Nigeria, away from the prying eyes of the UK authorities. Stuck in a boarding school in a strange country, subject to careless treatment from unknown relatives during the holidays and continued abuse when her mother returned to Nigeria, somehow she managed to find the inner strength to keep going. Would she ever escape from the endless cycle of cruelty and manipulation? This is a story of individual human courage, of one woman s determination to live life on her own terms when even her closest family were hell bent on destroying everything she had.

                “You might have to grit your teeth to start reading this – the author tells her story with   fascinating power. Essential reading for any professional in the childcare field.” – Dexter, Amazon Reviewer


Dr Lydia Taiwo is a Consultant Biomedical Healthcare Scientist with her own diagnostic centre in Kent. She is also a published author and public speaker speaking out against child abuse. She is an Ambassador for AFRUCA and works with Safeguarding Now Ltd and Safeguarding Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Group (BAME) London in raising awareness of child abuse (and using herself as a living case study). Dr Lydia Taiwo is married and has six children. Visit the authors website www.lydiataiwo.com
Dr Lydia Taiwo can be contacted for interviews and public speaking opportunities at: lydia.taiwo48@gmail.com





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