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BOOK TRAILER: Redeemed by Alisa Massey


Nonfiction – This is a true account – a memoir – of a single mother losing everything, including her 2 children, Jayden and Annie, to a wretched alcohol and drug addiction; and ultimately losing herself. Yet through the storm, she finds the strength to overcome this addiction, as a result gaining more than ever before. “Freedom has never been sweeter.” Though her story starts out in despair, it ends on a positive note, providing hope to all those that read it.

About the Author:

Alisa Massey is a freelance writer and Christian author.  Alisa has obtained her AS in Communications, BA in Business Management, and an MA in Organizational Leadership.  She is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, a member of the Association of Independent Authors, and has written several articles for the Daily O’Collegian in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Alisa is also a certified Behavioral Rehabilitation Specialist.  Her greatest success is in loving Christ.


Alisa lives in Enid, Oklahoma with her husband Dusty;  together they have 4 lovely children.  Alisa is a recovered alcoholic/addict who enjoys traveling with her family, reading, writing, and helping others.



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