SNEAK PEEK: Dark Obsession by Terri Molina

Dark Obsession by Terri Molina

Available May 5, 2014






A chance encounter seals the fate of a reclusive farmer and a mysterious woman who’s on the run from a man who will stop at nothing to control her–including murder.

Ramon (Ray) Chavez  doesn’t believe in visions or omens or the mysticism of his Mexican/Indian heritage. When he’s awakened by the spirit of this great-grandmother with a message that something is coming, Ray passes it off as a bad dream. But he may just reconsider his position when he finds Lexie Solis stranded on the edge of town, in search of a new life. Ray feels an instant attraction, as well as a connection, to the skittish young woman, and he pursues a relationship with her. But what Lexie doesn’t tell Ray or his family, is that she is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend and he may be more powerful than even she wants to believe. When Lexie is assaulted by an unseen force, they learn that the man she is hiding from is a master of the dark arts and his obsession with Lexie goes beyond his need to control her; he wants to possess her soul as well. As their past lives parallel, Lexie’s only hope for salvation is in Ray’s hands. But can he accept his destiny in time to save the woman he loves as well as his own life?
Ray stopped the tractor and pulled off his hat, wiping his brow on the sleeve of his shirt. The sun beat down from the middle of the clear sky but the soft breeze blowing in from the north made the heat bearable.

He glanced at his watch, noting it was nearly noon. He should probably think about eating something. His grandmother had sent him home with a large bowl of carne guisada the day before and if she knew he’d skipped breakfast that morning so he could get an early start on seeding, she’d skin him alive.
With a resigned sigh, he shut off the engine. Overhead a crow circled above the field, screaming out a harsh cry before landing two feet in front of the tractor. The bird locked its dark eyes on Ray and called out again.
Ray jumped off the tractor, staggering as a wave of dizziness washed over him and blurred his vision. He grabbed onto the machine to steady himself, his pulse pounding in his ears.
Black clouds rolled in, covering the sun. He pressed his fingers to his eyes, pulling in a deep breath to stop the vertigo. Darkness closed in around him. A heavy gust of wind swirled through the air, carrying voices and whispered chants.
Did you really think your love was enough?
Ray spun around at the sound of the voice and found himself standing in what looked like a dimly lit cave. Flames danced from small torches embedded in the walls, the light sending large shadows playing along the dirt and clay.
At the far end of the cavern was a stone altar, the body of a woman laid out on top. Five black candles burned around her, illuminating the black pool of blood dripping down the sides of the stone. Ray’s heart jolted.
 “Lexie!”  He rushed forward and fell to his knees beside the altar. Blood pooled around the knife sticking out of her chest. “Oh, God.No. What did you do?”
“Her heart belongs to me and only I will decide who is worthy,” a voice snarled. “And it isn’t you.”
A metallic hiss sounded behind him. Ray whirled around. Light flashed off a silver blade. Before he could take a breath, the steel of the sword plunged into his chest.
Terri Molina is a native Texan, born and raised in a small town whose claim to fame is it’s the birthplace of Janis Joplin and former Dallas Cowboy coach, Jimmy Johnson. Born the fifth child of seven, Terri’s love of storytelling came from watching old movies and the occasional soap opera.

Orphaned at age 13, she was raised by a loving community, also known as her aunts and uncles. After graduating high school, Terri lived a nomadic life, planting her feet in southern Illinois, south Florida and New York before returning to Texas. Shortly after returning home she met and married a Coast Guard Petty Officer and started the nomadic life again until his retirement in 2000.
She’s held several jobs over the years, including restaurant manager and letter carrier with the U S Postal Service before realizing that next to being a mom, writing was the ultimate profession. She has published four books and is at work on the next one. She currently resides in southeast Arizona (what is it about the south??) with her sidekick of 20 years (who promised that it is the absolute LAST move) and two of her four children (the other two have abandoned her for their own lives…the nerve!)
Terri is currently at work on her fifth story which, like each of her works, is located in southeast Texas. When she isn’t writing she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and friends and interacting on social media.
You can find her at Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads
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