Harlequin Blaze Editor Johanna Raisanen Talks #BlazeBlitz

BlazeBlitzShareableRight now as I’m writing this blog entry, it is a frigid -15 °C outside and I have a little space heater valiantly pushing warm air around my office. So what better time to read hot, sexy stories from Harlequin Blaze?

When I get comfy in my nice big armchair with a cup of tea close at hand, I like to read books with heroes who are confident and sexy and, well, heroic. I don’t want too much realism. We all know guys who tell gross jokes or refuse to clean their bathrooms, so reading about them kind of ruins the mood, you know? I like a hero who has a bit of an edge and is tough enough to protect the woman he loves. Oh, and he has a sense of humor, too. The perfect man, right? Well, he doesn’t have to be perfect; he can have flaws and vulnerabilities, and this is what makes him seem attainable.

Blaze heroes are contemporary men who have a lot of my favorite qualities. (Which makes my job so much fun!) I’m a sucker for the law enforcement/firefighter stories, because these guys are heroes in real life, too. I’m also drawn to the cowboy hero. There’s 9780373798391something about a man who can fill out a pair of well-worn jeans!

And while Harlequin Blaze is the sexiest of our contemporary lines, these stories are still romances. There’s a strong emotional connection between the characters I love. They’re definitely R-rated, but they don’t venture into the realm of erotica.

If anyone is thinking “I’d like to write one of those stories,” you’re in luck! The editorial team is having a Blaze Blitz! The submission campaign #BlazeBlitz runs from March 2nd to March 16th. We’re asking for a full synopsis (4-6 pages) and first chapter (up to 20 pages) for each submission, and we’ll provide editorial feedback and a quick response time for every sexy contemporary romance submission we receive 9780373798421during the Blitz. Here is the link for more information: https://harlequin.submittable.com/submit/39471

So, for those long, cold winter days, settle in with a nice cup of tea and curl up with a sexy Blaze hero—and I’m sure he’ll warm you up in no time!

Happy reading!

Johanna Raisanen

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