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Library Comes to Beijiing Subway


A few years ago, the subway system of Beijing, Beijing MTR, did a little experiment. They offered commuters a ‘book-swap’. What they discovered in their experiment was that their digitally connected travelers were lining up for the books. In January, they launched the “M Subway Library”.

Librarians from the National Library of China selected a list of 10-titles to be included, from classic literature, sci-fi, and non-fiction titles. This list will rotate with ten new titles each month. Riders simply scan a QR code in the train and select their free e-book, so the librarians stock titles based on what readers choose each month.

The subway system of Bucharest was actually the first to offer an e-book library to passengers, but it was a small effort in comparison. If the program continues to receive avid readership, the subway system is considering adding additional book titles.



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