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A Triumphant New Novel by Breakout Author David Pilarski


New novel, new author, David Pilarski brings us Triumph of the Spirit.

When 18 year old Matthew finds a silver metallic oval that dropped from the sky his simple Indiana life is changed forever.

After discovering the oval Matthew begins to dream of the past and find a guide by the name of Samuel who helps him along the way. The dream sequences change moving Matthew and Samuel forward into the future, seeing the lives of others who were forced to make difficult and courageous choices.   For a time Matthew believes it’s all a dream, but soon he begins to realize that what happens in his “dreams” are a real part of his life.

The overall message of Matthew’s journey is inspirational as we see how one choice can make a difference throughout time and to many.

The story is more from a storyteller’s perspective and we experience both Matthew and Samuel’s journey as they see instances of courage and sacrifice and from both the student and teacher point of view.  You feel yourself pulled in to Matthew’s adventures, learning as each lesson is addressed.  You feel yourself learning , growing and you just know something big is coming.

This book is philosophical and challenges the reader to grow from within while reading the adventures of the characters.  It is a young adult novel, but it also scifi/fantasy, inspirational in a philosophical way and offers the opportunity to grow as you learn lessons alongside Matthew.

You can find out more about the book and the author on the author’s website at http://www.davidpilarski.com/

And you can follow the conversation on Twitter at #TriumphoftheSpirit

David Pilarski
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