Five Careers For Graduates Who Love Reading

40144722_mAvid readers who cannot satiate their need to constantly read have five great career opportunities. Graduates with a serious love of reading, good grammar and English composition skills will find the following careers both pay well and satisfy their literary obsession.

Associate Editor

Most offline publishing companies hire associate editors who act as a secondary editor, reading proofed and edited manuscripts. They may also be required to provide additional editing comments and formatting changes before final review by the editor-in-chief. To acquire this position, it’s important to study the major publishing houses to determine the basic job requirements. Jobs as an associate editor can begin in a small publishing house where promotions from associate to editor do much to enhance a resume.


Any online or offline content or publishing company never has enough proofreaders. It’s a job for those for whom reading high quantities of literature is an art. In this position, punctuation, grammar, spelling and typo detection is crucial. The ability to hone proofreading techniques to speed up the proofreading process is highly desired.

Manuscript Readers

A manuscript reader differs from an associate editor in that the main duty of their job is to read the manuscript through to its final chapter. The manuscript reader than determines if the manuscripts meets all publishing standards and requirements. This is a job that means reading several manuscripts of varying volumes every day. If you love reading stories, plots and non-fiction, this is the job for you. The acceptance of authors’ work is wholly dependent on the manuscript reader who gives it a thumb’s up or thumb’s down before it ever reaches the eyes of an associate editor. That’s a lot of reading power in a graduate’s career.


Even with the trend towards digitization, libraries still play an important role in the preservation and organization of information. A librarian who earned their Master’s in Library Science online says libraries remain important in the digital age because they are sources of material which either cannot be found elsewhere or exists outside the library without adequate context.

Professional, College and Student White Paper Readers

As a recent college grad who submitted a college paper or thesis, it’s easy to see how a career reading college papers could become a lucrative career. This also applies to high school students. Professionals who regularly submit technical papers need a keen eye to insure their work is ready for a government or corporate review.


Article submitted by Emma Sturgis

Emma is a freelance writer from Boston, MA. When not writing, she enjoys reading and rock climbing. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2

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