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This week on Book Lights host Debra Parmley chats with romance author Mary Moriarty about her book The Kings of Angkor: Army of a Thousand Elephants and about Mary’s experiences living in Cambodia.

Listen here Tue. night 8:30 eastern!

About the Kings of Angkor:

Among the country of Cambodia are the temples of Angkor Wat. The home of the ancient Khmer and their mighty kings, who at one time ruled what is now present day, SE Asia.

Anna Oldenburg came by invitation of a NGO group to help preserve the ancient temples. To work and find ways to save the majestic temples for others to enjoy.

Anna had been around ancient temples and archeology all her life. She was a grand niece of one of the best known archeologist of the last century. So it was no surprise when Anna found archeology her life’s work.

Landing in Cambodia she found not only her work but also a country that strangely felt familiar. Then there was her host Nurung… Governor of Siem Reap Province. He was a prince but also the man of her dreams, literally.

Since she could remember she had dreams about Nurung and about the temples of Cambodia yet they never made any sense until she arrived.

When she started working on the temples she felt like she was walking paths she had, a long time ago, but how? She had never been to Cambodia in her life.

While in college Anna had just happened to meet Heng, younger cousin of Nurung. After months of the same classes, they go to Egypt to work and Anna falls in love. Yet Heng disappears for lengths of time but always comes back like he only left for a few minutes, never having a good explanation.

Then there is Nurung. He is always there, always watchful. Handsome beyond anything Anna could dream of… only she has dreamed of him all her life.

These three are brought together not by coincidence but by destiny’s call. They are part of a larger picture and they all must take part or possibly be destroyed forever.

It’s a race against time to make sure history as we know it doesn’t get messed up or the present day may not turn out like we know it.

Will Anna find out the meaning of her dreams? Who will she give herself to, Heng or Nurung? Will those back in time at the ancient temples of Angkor Wat find a way to destroy all she holds dear… even herself?

About Mary:

Romance Author Mary Moriarty lives on the coast of Maine. She lives close enough that she can hear the fog horn on the perfect foggy day. She came back to live here in Maine, where her father’s family was from after living in Cambodia for 11+ years.

She shares her home with 6 cats, 3 dogs and 3 sons of her 5 sons. She is the mother of 7 children and 7 grandchildren.

She began writing at a young age, first poetry and then short stories. Her loves of books started at a very young age also when she would sit and pull out books that belonged to her mother and study the words and covers for hours.

Most of the time you can find Mary either writing, researching or reading. She always has more than one book going. When she isn’t doing one of those three, you can find her doing yoga, helping coach X-Country or Track.


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