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SNEAK PEEK: Out of the Shadows: Love, Lies & Consequences (Book 4) by Natasha D. Frazier


A year after Rico’s death, Chloe is still working to piece her life back together after learning of his betrayal and sickness. Though she wants to be with Shane, she senses that it may be too soon to move on, given that she is broken inside. After recommitting her life to God, she learns to love again, but just when she thinks she’s over the past, Raegan resurfaces.

Rico’s lies initially introduced them to one another, but Chloe’s mother has an even bigger lie that has remained hidden for over thirty years. Can Chloe handle it? Will she allow yet another secret to keep her from experiencing the love that Shane is so willing to give?

If she allows God to mold her heart, out of the shadows of her pain will come love, forgiveness and a sense of peace unlike she’s ever known.

Out of the Shadows: Love, Lies & Consequences (Book 4) by Natasha D. Frazier
Excerpt from Out of the Shadows

“Look at that smile. What did Shane say to you?” Kelly teased.

“Whatever. He just does what he always does.”

“And what’s that?”

Make everything better, Chloe thought to herself as her smile widened, but she said to Kelly, “I think we have more pressing things to deal with.” She recalled the day that she and Shane were outside playing tag the day before they started fourth grade. She must have thought she was part of someone’s stunt team because she jumped over a hedge of bushes trying to catch him and skinned her knee in the process. Shane immediately ran into the house for bandages and alcohol to patch her up. He even prayed and asked God to make it better so that her first day of fourth grade would still be good. She wasn’t sure why that particular thought popped into her head just now, but it was a reminder that he’d always wanted to do whatever he could to make things better for her.

“Maybe. But if Shane can put a smile on your face after that scene you put on in there, I need to talk to him too.”

Out of the Shadows: Love, Lies & Consequences (Book 4) by Natasha D. FrazierRead an excerpt of Chapters 1-3: https://amzn.to/2lRvXPP
Excerpt from Out of the Shadows

“So here’s this woman who slept with my husband, got pregnant, lost the baby, and I forgave her. I wasn’t supposed to see her again. That was supposed to be the end of it. Now here she is with her perfect little life dancing right back into mine. I never even conceived a child with Rico and here she is with three children! It’s not fair and I want to scream at the top of my lungs. I’m angry, Shane. Angry at her and at my parents. And I feel really helpless but I’m trying to get over it. I had a good talk with God last night, so I’m trusting that He will help me through it.”

Chloe didn’t realize that tears had escaped her eyes in her frustration. Shane slid his chair around next to her and took a napkin to dab at her cheeks. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I’m here for whatever you need. It seems like a lot to take in, but we can get through this together. Can I pray with you?”

Read an excerpt of Chapters 1-3: https://amzn.to/2lRvXPP
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