An expert analysis of Civility as a Continuous Improvement Strategy by continuous improvement expert Christian Masotti and international best-selling author Dr. Lewena Bayer.

Incivility at work is real. And it is real in manufacturing. According to a Gallup State of the American Workplace report, 75 percent of manufacturing workers are disengaged at work. In fact, the manufacturing industry, according to the Gallup report, is the least engaged industry across sectors. A closer look at the research reveals that a primary cause for this disengagement is poor leadership. Specifically, supervisors and managers with low social acuity are co-creating uncivil workplace cultures. Manufacturing Civility provides a 6Cs formula for solving people problems. These strategies result in continuous improvements that shift workplace culture away from traditional toxic and uncivil organizations towards healthier, more positive workplace experiences for employees in manufacturing environments.

The “people-treatment” aspects of the proprietary Manufacturing Civility methodologies have been co-created by 20-year, internationally recognized experts in the field of civility training-Lewena Bayer, CEO of Civility Experts Inc., and a veteran of the manufacturing industry, Christian Masotti. The tried-and-true methodologies shared in the book have been proven to impact individual morale, wellness, and outlook in organizations across sectors, including manufacturing.Civility-when specifically applied to how people are treated at work, is a continuous improvement strategy that has been proven to have measurable impacts on:• Retention and engagement• Performance• Workplace wellness and safety• Innovation, creativity, and problem-solving• Bottom-line business metrics, including profitability.


Dr. Lewena Bayer
Lew believes that “Civility is its own reward”. She suggests that “In choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so, they experience the grace, courage, generosity, humanity, and humility that civility engenders.”

For more than 20 years Dr. Lewena Bayer has been internationally recognized as the leading expert on civility at work.  With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts – which includes 500+ affiliates in 48 countries has supported 100’s of organizations in building better workplaces. In addition to her role as CEO of international civility training group Civility Experts Inc. which includes The Civility Speakers Bureau, and Propriety Publishing. Lew is Chair of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, President of The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence, and Founder of the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Franchise Group

Including 2-time, international bestseller, The 30% Solution, and the pending December release of Golden Rule Peace and Civility Lew is a 16-time published author. Lew is also a proud mentor for The Etiquette House, a member of the Advisory Board for A Civil Tongue, was a national magazine columnist for 10 years, and has contributed expert commentary to many online, print, and television publications.


With over 25 years in the workforce, Christian understands that being civil and exhibiting “human-kindness” is a critical leadership competency that not only builds trust and credibility, but also impacts bottom line metrics including safety, quality, delivery, engagement, and efficiency.

A graduate of McGill University with years of field experience in OEM manufacturing environments including GM, Ford and Chrysler, Christian has seen how when leaders have the courage to make decisions, give feedback, measure success based on quantitative observations, and to continually try to do all this in a civil way, they can create and/or change workplace culture.

Christian is a continuous learner who believes that the ability to combine his technical skills including Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen with social intelligence and cultural competence have been the key to his success. In addition to consulting, keynote presentations, and delivery and design of training with Civility Experts Inc and its 501 affiliates in 48 countries, Christian’s current projects include work with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, and Arcelor Mittal.



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