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Arrival Mind by Louis B Rosenburg Book Review



Review- Arrival Mind by Louis B Rosenburg is a clever story told in poem form about the arrival of the internet, but the internet is treated like a corporeal being in a way. It talks of how we embraced it and pay the price for that. Then, there’s the author’s wrap up after that talks more in-depth about what we face by over-utilizing and relying on technology. It’s very insightful! A warning about AI.

It is an illustrated book and the illustrations alone are interesting and unique. Check it out!

4.5 Stars!

About– Arrival Mind is a “picture book for grown-ups” about the impending dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Written by well-known AI researcher Dr. Louis B. Rosenberg with glorious artwork by Anastasia Khmelevska, Arrival Mind combines surreal imagery and clever prose to explore what could be one of the greatest threats that humanity will ever face. A mix of science fact and science fiction, Arrival Mind is a must-read for anyone who ponders the long term risks that AI poses to society.


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