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Dirty Deeds (Midnight Rider Series Book 2) by DV Wolfe


Dirty Deeds by DV Wolfe

If only I could give it more than 5 stars! LOL

About the Book: After St. Louis, I knew it was time to seat the cannibal tribe in the “past tense” section of living. I mean, you just don’t kidnap someone’s demon accountant. That’s just frickin’ rude.

Of course, now we’re doing the chasing, like a couple of shotgun-toting girls hunting down our dates to the Sadie Hawkins’ dance. Well….except that Noah’s not a girl…and our dates are a cannibal tribe and yet another dickbag demon that wants to kill me. Oh, and the dance is death. Possibly of the eaten-alive, cannibal variety. At least if the cannibals get me first. If it’s the demon, there’s a good chance it will involve a reenactment of the scene from that Indiana Jones movie when the guy rips the poor sap’s heart right out of his chest.

So that’s fun.

Then there’s the constant acid reflux of having Noah along for the ride. Apparently my handcart, hurtling towards Hell seats two. I’ll do my best to keep him alive as we hunt Necrowitches, Pucas, bugbears, demons, and of course, Sister Smile and her tribe of cannibals.

Raise the whiskey and pass the ammunition.


5 out of 5 stars.



How have I not heard of this series before?!!!
So this is kind of like Armies of Darkness/Ash vs Evil Dead meets Constantine. It’s so original with the cannibals and demons and witches wrapped with sarcasm and humor!
I ate this up (yeah…that’s a pun since there are cannibals in the book) in a day! I will certainly read more in this series!

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