Harlequin Creator Space


Harlequin has launched the Harlequin Creator Space, a website dedicated to inspiring and celebrating writers, artists and anyone who wants to live a creative life. The Harlequin Creator Space offers a place for anyone who wants to challenge their creativity, get advice to help them grow, and discover other creators to learn from and support.

“Creativity is at the center of everything we do at Harlequin. It’s the philosophy that drives our innovation and encourages us to explore new ventures like the Creator Space. We’re excited to offer creators a dedicated space to get inspired, play and grow,” said Dianne Moggy, VP of Editorial at Harlequin.

The Creator Space features video interviews with screenwriters and authors, pop culture fan art, commentary on popular media and tips for creators. Aspiring writers will find opportunities to connect with Harlequin editors, get advice from established Harlequin authors, and participate in creative challenges and submission blitzes.

To celebrate the launch of the Creator Space, Harlequin is hosting a Tiny Book Challenge, where creators can submit their 250-word romance stories for a chance to have theirs turned into a miniature book designed and illustrated by Buffy Shields, which will be shared on Harlequin’s Instagram channel. Stories must be submitted to creator.space@harlequin.com by March 15, 2021. Learn more about the challenge here.