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Visit the Bisbee Bachelors’ Club with Author K. Sterling on Book Lights


K. Sterling is just a very tired and anxious woman with a MacBook who writes to save her sanity. Writing also allows her to stay home and care for her dogs, Milo and the awful Otis, and one very abusive cat, Luna. K. has two teenage daughters who are the most teenage daughters to ever teenage and responsible for all of K.’s premature grey hairs. She also homeschools her teenage autistic son, Alex. Alex is the inspiration behind K.’s most beloved character, Dr. Aiden Sharp. Before all this magical romance nonsense happened, K. served in the U.S. Army as a counterintelligence agent then went on to teach CI Investigations before changing careers and becoming a stay-at-home mom with Alex and the gang. K. has been married for many, many years to Mr. Sterling and he is currently leaving his very long career in counterintelligence to narrate his wife’s audiobooks. And other things. Learn more at ksterlingbooks.com

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Here’s a look at K. Sterling’s latest release: STUFFED

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Everyone was stirring, even the mouse;

The stockings were hung but hearts were heavy with care.

Fear not! Naughty St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Our heroes are troubled; restless in their beds;

While taxes, deadlines and arguments swirled in their heads;

A widower-depressed, two teachers-repressed, one couple-distressed,

Settle into a cold evening; little hope for relief or rest,

When in the living room there arose an almighty ruckus,

They sprang from their beds to see what the fuss was.

There by the tree stood a man like a tower,

He’d come bearing gifts and a whole lot of swagger.

The moon caught in his beard and his eyes twinkled like new-fallen snow,

And sent a tingle and warmth to their nethers below,

When what to their boggling eyes did appear,

A gent as swift and randy as his eight reindeer,

With a feisty old driver so lively and thick,

They knew in a moment they’d be banging St. Nick.

More rapid than eagles to his thrusts they came,

And he licked, and shouted, and called them by name.

*This is an anthology of erotic shorts and includes HEAs and HFNs. This is not a traditional romance novella.