WANTED: J.R.R. Tolkien Super Fans!


Can you quote passages from books? Do you relate to hobbits? Could you win big money at a Lord of The Rings trivia night? Then Marquette University wants you? University archivist William Fliss is collecting audio recordings to compliment the vast Tolkien collection of books and papers. Fliss is requesting about three minutes of fans time to contribute to the collection. Here are the details and links:::


[S]ix thousand spears to Sunlending,
Mundburg the mighty under Mindolluin,
Sea-kings’ city in the South-kingdom
foe-beleaguered, fire-encircled.

LotR, bk. V, ch. III

Do you identify yourself as a Tolkien fan?

If so, join the Host!

In our effort to document Tolkien Fandom, the Department of Special Collections at Marquette’s Raynor Memorial Library is building a collection of brief testimonials from Tolkien fans.

The goal is 6,000 audio interviews, one for each of the Riders of Rohan that Théoden mustered and led to the aid of Gondor.

Visit our DIGITAL COLLECTION to listen to the interviews already gathered.

Here is how it works:

Each fan is given up to three (3) minutes to respond to the following three questions:

  • When did you first encounter the works of J. R. R. Tolkien?
  • Why are you a Tolkien fan?
  • What has he meant to you?

Three questions in three minutes.

If you wish to join the Muster but cannot visit Marquette, please visit our scheduling page to claim a time slot and record interview via Zoom videoconferencing. Only the audio will be recorded.

If you are able to visit Marquette to interview in person, please contact william.fliss@marquette.edu to schedule a time.

Please visit our FAQ page to learn more.