Love this story and what it adds to the Torpedo Ink series.
We start off learning why Player was so quiet in previous books, come to know his psychic gifts and what happens with them when he is tired, has used them too long and migraines begin. We meet the heroine, Zyah, who has amazing psychic gifts herself. We learn she can sooth Player, distract him, and help him control his overwrought abilities and the danger they can bring to innocent people and those he cares about…a danger he has never told the Torpedo ink members. And yes, we see Player, exhausted and a bit delusional fall back onto the code Czar instilled in them for their safety and insult Zyah in the most insulting way a man can.

What follows is a beautifully written paranormal tale of a journey to love, through the use of psychic gifts and connection as they try to solve his psychic chaos that’s putting everyone in danger. At the same time reality takes Torpedo Ink on a hunt for thieves and murderers!
Zyah’s a strong woman who’s always known love and must learn what it’s like to love a man who has broken and tortured soul. Player’s a man who doesn’t know love or know how receive it. It’s an emotional must read- must experience story! Just know it includes a “I can’t believe Christine did that to him” plot twist!

My heart breaks for Player as this story reveals what his childhood was like. How Sorbacov separated him, made him fear failure, the guilt he carried for his actions. How he used his gifts to make the others happy, even if it tortured him. However, what was more heart breaking was how we see Player try to convince Destroyer he belongs with the Torpedo Ink family, deserved his spot with them; how he soothed Zyah, telling her that the facts had to be shared and discovered before judgement was passed… yet he denies himself the worthiness of both. A man set apart. The self-imposed distance he keeps to protect those he cares about, those he loves but feels different from. Those he has killed with and killed for. He’s a man driven to protect others no matter what it means for him.

The fact that Zyah doesn’t reject him or judge him makes him feel more shame. He wasn’t worthy of her. Her grandmother, Mama Anat is a driving force to move him forward, with wise words and a kind heart. She grows to be special to him and all of Torpedo Ink as they become part of their lives.

How he proves he’s ready to move forward is definitely an enjoyable part of this must read story … Love the lessons he learns through SeaHaven friends and even the advice from his Sisters. This book is full of strong intelligent women! Love their addition to the plot that helps Zyah and Player move along the road to a Happily Ever After.

As their relationship grows, Player and Zyah follow their psychic connection to try and solve what’s disrupting his gifts, making him a danger to everyone. His issues finally force him to tell Czar the secrets he’s kept. I hope the reaction from Czar and the other members of Torpedo Ink, who also point out how many times he saved them, take away his guilt. Close the distance and his feeling of odd man out. Especially since bringing Zyah and Mama Anat into the fold, extending friendship to others, he’s brought the best gift to Torpedo Ink so far.

They both learn that being open to giving and receiving love, happily, includes the hot sex and help they can give each other, too. That its the key to being partners on all parts of their lives…they have someone to move forward with.

They spend so much time looking for clues in his past to solve his psychic issues, they almost miss the true danger staring them in the face! Oh the revelations that come from it when they figure it out! And Torpedo Ink, along with law enforcement from Sea Haven close in and deliver karma to those threatening the elderly in Caspar and Sea Haven. Bringing action and the teamwork they do so well!

As usual, one member finding love brings more to the rest of the club, too. But I believe more so in this journey… I love how Zyah, Mama Anat, and the community of Sea Haven (some favorites!) and Caspar help the members of Torpedo Ink understand more of their new normal. The moments of humor and bonding between them all are so well written! The events that move the plot reminds us how special Sea Haven is and shows how Caspar is beginning to become not just a place to exist but a home for these tortured souls. I can’t wait to revisit this series and see where they go from here!