A Stony Point Christmas  (Annie's Attic Mysteries #21)

A Stony Point Christmas by K.D. McCrite

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a delightful story. I love returning to Stony Point and trying to solve the mysteries with Annie. This one was a little bit sweeter since it was during Christmas time and a little one was found to need a loving and caring home. I also loved the mystery of the Secret Santa. Who could it be giving gifts that are greatly needed. If you love a warm, heartfelt mystery this is the book for you. Happy reading my friends.

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Book Summary:

Annie Dawson has had many mysteries thrown at her since moving to Stony Point, Maine, but nothing has matched this one. A mysterious benefactor is leaving generous gifts for various Stony Point residents, each one accompanied by a handwritten note saying, “Early Merry Christmas, from Stony Point’s Santa.”

Annie would leave the philanthropist alone to do his or her good deeds, if it weren’t for the fact that more and more people from the small seaside village suspects that Annie, the transplant from Texas, is the secret Santa. If it’s not Annie, who is it?

Could it be one of the members of the Hook and Needle Club, the handcrafting group Annie belongs to and who have helped her again and again solve the mysteries that fate tosses her way? Or maybe Ian Butler, Stony Point’s mayor who would also like to be Annie Dawson’s suitor, is Stony Point’s Santa.

All of the clues seemingly lead nowhere as Annie tries to prove she is not the source of the lavish gifts. And then a surprise gift is left within the walls of Grey Gables — a gift that will leave Annie speechless. Join Annie and her friends as they tackle this latest mystery in A Stony Point Christmas.