BOOK REVIEW: I’ll Take My Chances by Gary Turner


I’ll Take My Chances Volume 1 (I’ll Take My Chances: A Trilogy) by Gary Turner

A man born of two worlds and seeking his place in the world finds himself forced to fight in growing global conflicts while building his family in author Gary Turner’s “I’ll Take My Chances Volume 1”, the first in the trilogy of the same name.

The Synopsis

The story begins in the 1850’s and sets the stage for generational visions and wisdom sharing through the character of Walking Thunder. More than a century ago, most whites gave little credence to such notions.As Sidney travels through the story, he immigrates to Canada dreaming of owning a farm. He initially finds misplaced love with Mystique, although it is with Emma, that he finds lasting love and a home.When World War 1 erupts, he is torn between the Indian and white way. His decision sets the direction for Emma and their descendants in the following decades.

The Review

This was such a visceral and brilliant read. The author did such a great job of striking a resonating chord for those who have served or who are fascinated with historical fiction that explores real-time wars and battles. The imagery and history the author fused into the narrative kept the story balanced, while the emotional journey readers go on as the author explores how war and history have shaped this family through generations was amazing to read.

The characters were a real bright spot in this novel. The balance the author found between creative writing when developing some of the characters while also infusing people from his own family history and historical landmarks and battles was fantastic to see, as it made the book feel not only relatable but personal at the same time. Getting to see the historical aspect of Canada, from the impact war and European settlers had on the indigenous people of the land and how WWI impacted this growing family, was a real treat historically while also truly emotional on a personal level.

The Verdict

A memorable, haunting, and entertaining historical fiction read, author Gary Turner’s “I’ll Take My Chances Volume 1” is a must-read novel. The way the author is able to take readers into the “action” so to speak and show the intensity and reality of war while also striking a harmonious tone within this developing family line and showing the impact of war showcases just how strong of a voice the author carries into his work. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

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