BOOK REVIEW::: The Rython Kingdom By Mandy Eve-Barnett


The Rython Kingdom By Mandy Eve-Barnett

‘There is more to that boy than he is telling or indeed meets the eye’ – Mystery/fantasy

Canadian author Mandy Eve-Barnett was born in Africa, and has experienced life in England, Europe, America and now Canada. Having worked as a nursing professional and a business owner, she now serves as a freelance writer, a blogger, a participant in anthologies, and has published eight novels to date. She contributes to other writers as secretary of Writers Foundation of Srathcona County and as past president of the Arts and Culture council of that county in Alberta. Her genres – historical fantasy, science fiction, and romance.

The novella may be short (92 pages, a comfortable evening’s read) but the impact of the story and Mandy’s way with words makes it an enthralling and treasureable experience. She competently transports us back in time, an enviable period compared to the realities of today, and creates an involving and credible fantasy. The flavor is present as the story opens – “He’s Coming! Guillem Ruet is here!” Guillem smiled at the group of children running beside his horse as he rode toward the castle’s drawbridge. Dirty and barefooted, these youngsters would not be lucky enough to hear his newest tale, first hand. That pleasure would be for the inner court alone. It was a strange and most complex tale and all the more mysterious for being made of a dream…More children, and some adults, ran beside him, eager to witness this famed troubadour first hand. The talk among the courtiers and peasants alike had been of his arrival and little else for many weeks.’ And with that fanfare the story launches.

Concise, yet with plush atmosphere well designed, the story unfolds as follows – ‘Unaware he is a pawn in a vengeful plan, Guillem’s actions may release an evil witch from her entrapment. The famed troubadour attends the king’s court to recite a marvelous tale but a strange servant raises his suspicions. With the help of a wizened old woman, and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit the witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. He then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana.’

Radiant with love and fairytale fantasy. THE RYTHON KINDOM becomes a place worth re-visiting – and there is a second installment dedicated to that wish. Mandy Eve-Barnett’s writing is refreshing – a most welcome escape from the world of today. Recommended. Grady Harp Review

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