In coordination with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, Scholastic has voluntarily recalled the Shake Look Touch book, a plush book with touch and feel components for young children. The pom poms on the book may detach and could pose a choking hazard to young children. Scholastic has received two reports of the pom poms detaching with no injuries reported. Only books with the pom poms are included in this recall.

The book should be immediately removed from the reach of young children and the pom poms cut off the book. The book may be used after removing and disposing of the pom poms.
To participate in the recall and receive a $10 gift card, register online at www.recallrtr.com/slt, submit a picture of the book and removed pom poms, and affirm that the removed pom poms will be disposed of in the trash.
– Why is Scholastic conducting this recall?
  • Scholastic is voluntarily conducting this recall out of an abundance of caution to keep your children safe by removing a potential hazard. In some instances, the pom poms attached to certain versions of the book may become detached. No choking injuries have been reported.
– How can I tell if my copy of the book is affected by the recall?
  • The recall is limited only to copies of Shake Look Touch with pom poms attached. If your book does not have pom poms, it is not subject to the recall.
– I have an issue with another Scholastic product, what do I do?
– Are you recalling other products?
  • No, we are not recalling any products other than versions of the Shake Look Touch book with pom poms.
– How do I participate in the recall?
  • Visit us at  www.recallrtr.com/slt to register for the recall and for instructions on how to participate.
– Can I get a full refund in lieu of cutting off the pom poms?
  • After registering for the recall at www.recallrtr.com/slt and providing proof that you’ve removed the pom poms, you will receive a $10 gift card.
– How do I provide proof that I’ve removed the pom poms?
– What is the problem with the pom poms?
  • The pom poms may become detached from the books.
– Why is that a problem?
  • The detached pom poms are considered a potential choking hazard.
– Was there an incident where a child was injured?
  • No. Scholastic has identified two reports of pom poms detaching but neither incident involved choking injuries.
– The pom poms on my book are still attached, can I still use it as is?
  • No. You should immediately remove the pom poms and go to www.recallrtr.com/slt to register for the recall.
– I no longer have a receipt, can I still participate?
  • Yes, you can still participate by registering for the recall at www.recallrtr.com/slt and following the appropriate steps.
– I sold or gifted the Shake Look Touch book to someone else, should I notify them of the recall?
  • Scholastic would greatly appreciate you sharing information on the recall with whomever received the book from you.
– I received this book as a gift or bought it from a third party, can I still participate in the recall?
  • Yes. Regardless of how you got the book, you should register for the recall at www.recallrtr.com/slt for instructions on removing the pom poms and for receiving the $10 card.
-Will I receive a refund for the product?
  • The recall will include steps on removing the pom poms and registering for a $10 gift card. The book can be used again after this action is complete. No replacement book is needed and we hope your child can continue enjoying the book!

– How long will it take to receive the gift card?

  • Once your registration has been reviewed and confirmed, you can expect your electronic gift card to be sent to the email address provided within 3-5 business days.
– Can I repair the product myself?
  • Yes, the repair is simply to remove the pom poms. Please visit us at www.recallrtr.com/slt for complete repair and registration instructions.
– How are you working to keep your other products safe?
  • This situation is rare. At Scholastic, your child’s safety is our highest concern. Our products are tested to exacting safety standards before being offered for sale.

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