BOOK REVIEW: Black, White, and Gray All Over by Frederick Reynolds


Black, White, and Gray All Over by Frederick Reynolds

“Black, White, and Gray All Over” is a memoir/biography written by Frederick Douglass Reynolds. Reynolds, a now retired police officer, that shares in detail his life from childhood all the way through his life as a police officer after a variety of other jobs he worked. He never originally thought that he would be a cop, but that’s exactly what he became.

In this memoir, he showcases the black, white, and gray areas that surround those who chose to put on the uniform. He highlights the challenges that they face, and more so those of a dark complexion, especially over the years. This book is truly eye-opening and one that many should consider reading.

The things that Frederick Reynolds details constantly, had my eyes widening in shock. I kept thinking either “OMG!” or “Seriously?!”. I wasn’t even out of the prologue before my jaw was on the floor for the first time and I was saying out loud, “What?! OMG!”

Another cool thing about this book is that it doesn’t necessarily read like a memoir. It reads more like someone sitting down with you and sharing their story with just the right amount of detail.

As I read this memoir, there were many times that I would stop and think… “this can’t be true. It has to be fiction.” But they always say – “truth tends to be stranger than fiction.” In this author’s case, I feel that it rings all too true. Let me be clear though, I believe every word of this author’s tale. The details the author gives with a variety of incidents he has experienced are simply mind-blowing. He details so many things throughout this book to give us readers a crystal clear idea of what a cop’s life has been like and is like over the years. The details create images in your head that you can just see and you can’t help wondering – “how do they do it? How do they get up every day and face these things?” Some scenes honestly brought tears to my eyes.

The deeper you delve into this book, the harder it will be to put down. It’s so riveting, informative, and emotionally evocative at the same time. I honestly never thought that a memoir could affect me the way that this book does. In light of all the different movements in the past few years, this book…this author, really puts things into perspective IF you are willing to open your mind and your heart to it.

It’s truly fascinating how the author pulls back the blinders and shows the truth that so many try to hide from. This book will invoke all of your emotions – laughs, tears, shock, and anger. For me, that is the hallmark of a good book whether fiction or not and I applaud the author for all that he has done both in sharing his story and his work as a police officer.

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