New Space:Unseen Original Stories from the 1975 Gerry Anderson Series


New Space: 1999 Book from Anderson Entertainment Reveals the Unseen Original Stories from the 1975 Gerry Anderson Series

Known as ‘Breakaway Day’ to fans of Space: 1999September 13th marks the date of the show’s fictional cataclysmic event – when, in 1999, the Moon was blown out of the Earth’s orbit. But this Breakaway Day, Space: 1999 fans will want to strap into their Eagle spacecraft and prepare for a trip to an alternate universe with the release of Maybe There – The Lost Stories from Space: 1999, from Anderson Entertainment.

In Maybe There, authors Robert E. Wood and David Hirsch have gathered and novelized the original stories written in the early days of production on the internationally acclaimed television series Space: 1999, making them available to fans of the show for the very first time.

Fans will uncover the differences between Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s original story “Zero G,” George Bellak’s first draft of “The Void Ahead,” and Christopher Penfold’s uncredited shooting script “Turning Point.” Each of these tales show the evolution of the pilot episode with scenes and characters that never made it to the screen.

Space: 1999 aficionados will also get the opportunity to wonder at a tale that was never filmed. In it, the Alpha People, desperate to migrate to a new home, instigate a conflict between two alien races.

Also included in the hardback collector’s book are Christopher Penfold’s original storylines for “Guardian of Piri” and “Dragon’s Domain,” an adaption of Keith Miles’ early draft for “All That Glisters,” and a look at how Art Wallace (Dark Shadows) originally envisioned the episode that became “Matter of Life and Death.”

In this unique, beautifully presented and expertly researched and written book, Space: 1999 fans will, for the first time, be able to discover how Space: 1999 might have been had they gone “Maybe There?”

Anderson Entertainment will publish Maybe There – The Lost Stories from Space: 1999 by Robert E. Wood and David Hirsch in November 2022. It will be priced at US $28.99/ UK £24.99, with preorders launching September 13, 2022 at

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