Book Review: “TripTych” by Karin Slaughter


Book Review: “TripTych” by Karin Slaughter

“TripTych” is book #1 in the Will Trent series.

I had a choice… the TV show or read the books. 😉


Mary Alice Finney, 15 years old was brutally murdered and mutilated. Among her other injuries……she had no tongue.

Her killer, John Shelley, was apprehended, put on trial, and sent to jail for a long long time. As with all convicts, John says he was innocent.


John Shelley was released from jail…..

Detective Michael Ormewood was watching the Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons when a call came in about a murdered woman in the Grady Homes complex.

When he got there, he found the forensics team and his supervisor already at the scene of the grisly murder. The woman, was dead on the stairs outside of her apartment and…she had no tongue.

A few days later, a man from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation: Special Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT) came to talk with Michael, this man…..

“……a lanky man in a three-piece suit came out. …He was tall, maybe six-four or -five and whippet thin. His dirty blond hair was cut tight to his head, parted on the side. His upper lip looked funny, too, like someone had cut it in half and put it back together crooked. ….Put some knobs on either side of his neck and the guy could be on “The Munsters.”

was…..Will Trent.

He was there to investigate this recent murder and see if it is tied to two other attacks nearby. Each of those girls…..had their tongues bitten off.

All hell breaks loose as………

Oh, to find out what happens… will have to read the book, or, watch the TV show. 😉

“TripTych” is a terrific read with lots twists and turns and at least one absolutely STUNNING revelation!

I have a long way to go as there are 10 books in the Will Trent series.

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