LOVE’S CALL by Fern Brady

A fascinating space opera – the essence of hope and love

Texas author Fern Brady has served as a foreign correspondent, a teacher at Alief Independent School District in Houston, CEO of Houston Writers Guild, co-host of podcast Author Talk, and as founder and CEO of Inklings Publishing. Her books include children’s picture books, poems, short stories, and novels: LOVE’S WALL is her most recent publication.

Composing a space opera is a challenge for all authors: create a fantasy universe to which readers can connect. Fern Brady achieves this goal, primarily because of the manner in which she paints her characters – strange but relatable, as the opening lines attest when introducing heroine Denipia Leron: ‘The silver hoverlimo pulled p to the blue-gray hangar at Teston City’s only airfield. Denipia Leron stepped out. Dressed in comfortable black leggings, a matching cami top, and an oversized orange dress shirt, she was ready for the long flight ahead of her…’ Visual? Yes, and that degree of attention to immersing the reader in the story persists.

The plot is complex, but well condense: ‘Denipia Leron, a beautiful young painter and visionary from the country of Usmerim, has just won the coveted Innovation Awards in the Arts. During her trip to the award ceremony, she learns that President Nichamir Linput of the enemy nation of Sorusvia is a primary patron and has expressed special interest in her. Fearful of what this could mean for her burgeoning company and artistic career, she vows to be polite, but keep the would-be dictator as far from her as she can. Nichamir is used to getting what he wants, both personally and politically. Having saved his nation from a Calvernsin invasion, he believes himself justified in how he rules Sorusvia. In spite of the propaganda against him, Nichamir works hard to bring prosperity to his people. Yet the powerful ruler finds himself unprepared for his first meeting with the strong-willed and wary Denipia. But Nichamir is not what he seems. He is dragonborn, a secret he has carefully hidden his whole life. He knows Denipia is his fated mate from the first moment he catches her scent. For Denipia, the strength of the attraction she feels for a man she should deeply despise is disconcerting, yet undeniable. She wants Nichamir as she has never wanted any other man’

Fern Brady demonstrates her acclaim in this fast moving and absorbing novel. Step into another realm and ride along to experience a strange but beautiful romance.

Grady Harp Review

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