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Asian American authors join forces to send books to schools for AAPI Heritage Month


In the spirit of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May), four Asian American authors around the country have combined forces to raise awareness and diversify school libraries with books by Asian Americans, for the diverse American students.

Currently, less than 15% of books published feature an AAPI character. More and more self-publishers are on a mission to change that. It all started when four Asian American authors who are also creators, educators, parents, and entrepreneurs met online in 2021. Over the years in their respective homes, they remotely supported each other as they worked tirelessly to create uplifting, educational and fun books for young readers. They bonded over the shared love of the Oscar-winning movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, and came up with an idea that just made sense at the wee hours of the night — what if they join forces this year to send 500 books written by Asian American authors to school libraries all over the country?

The authors are looking to raise $5000 to cover printing and shipping costs. The campaign runs from April 3rd – April 30th, 2023 on GoFundMe. Once funded, books (written in English) will be sent to different schools in MassachusettsNew YorkNew JerseyWashington, and California during the month of May to support the schools’ AAPI curriculum, and AAPI Heritage Month celebrations.

You can support their campaign, “Asian American Books Everywhere All At Once AAPI Heritage Month”, at https://gofund.me/ecddf83e (https://www.gofundme.com/f/asian-american-books-everywhere-all-at-once)

About the authors:
  • Yobe Qiu (byYobeQiu.com) – Award-winning and AAPI curriculum friendly picture books featuring Asian children, families and cultures. @byyobeqiu
  • Serena Li (duckduckbooks.com) – award-winning, multilingual, social emotional learning books for kids (Pre-K – 2nd grade) @duckduckbooks
  • Vincent Yee (clarawubooks.com) – an immersive award-winning 5-book YA fantasy series where Asian American teens love their boba as they fight Asian spawned demons to save the world. Recommended for all ages who love fantasy. @clarawubooks
  • Tracy Guan (tangerineandjadepress.com) – children’s picture books that celebrate and uplift diverse narratives (Pre-K – 4th grade) @tangerineandjadepress
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