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Book Review: “Mercy” by David Baldacci


Book Review: “Mercy” by David Baldacci

In this, book #4 of the Atlee Pine series, FBI Agent Atlee Pine and her assistant, Carol Blum, continue the search for Atlee’s twin sister, Mercy, who was kidnapped from their bedroom when they were six years old.

The going is not easy, as there are multiple roadblocks, and criminals, standing in the way.

But, in the end…….

Oh, to find out what happens you can read the book. 🙂

“Mercy” is a fast rollercoaster taking you on the completed emotional journey in the hunt for Mercy.

Where we go from here, in the Atlee Pine series, is a mystery…..

From my perspective, and since I’ve read 33 Baldacci books (and counting), I feel I can say this: “Mercy” was not his best, but, only for one reason: He diverged from the main story (finding Mercy) with a character that brought death, destruction, and mayhem that, in my opinion, could have been left out.

But, what do I know….. 😉

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