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Fourth Grader Authors Entrepreneurial Book for Kids


The Big Money Squeeze: Adventures in Fourth-Grade Moneymakingby Rymer J. Strauss is now availableThe book is published with Forbes Books and is available on Amazon today.

Fourth grader and South Carolina resident Rymer Strauss and his father were looking for business books for children and were surprised by the lack options they found. They had a tough time finding books written to teach children about entrepreneurship or how to think about money. With his father’s help, Rymer decided to write one himself, believing that kids deserve to pursue their dreams and that it’s never too early to learn how to manage money.

Hanging out in the treehouse they built, Rymer and his friends Ash, Nia, and Ollie wondered what they could add to improve the space. They reached the conclusion that they needed a TV and a gaming system, and with that settled, the group needed to sort out the next part of their venture – funding.

So begins Rymer’s story in The Big Money Squeeze. The group of friends put their heads together to determine how much money they needed to raise and how much time was left in the summer. Ultimately, they settled on a line of business to raise the money with a lemonade stand. Together, Rymer and his friends spent the rest of the summer learning about what it means to start a business, to budget, and to think like a true entrepreneur.

About Rymer J. Strauss 
Rymer J. Strauss is a 9-year-old boy, born and raised on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. At the time of authoring the book, he was in the fourth grade. Rymer is an avid reader, sports enthusiast, and creative adventurer. If he isn’t reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (a copy of which can be found in every family car) or Dog Man, he is playing soccer, running cross country, learning judo, traveling, or swimming. He likes to create new business opportunities, tell jokes, and loves designing new places to hang out with his friends.

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