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A Chance to Win! Have Your Book in Print and E-format PLUS Marketing!

Life is about taking chances.  It’s about seizing opportunities everywhere you find them.  Whether you’re already published or aspiring, having your book published is a dream come true.  That dream is even...

BookBaby Partners with Oyster and Flipkart

BookBaby, the  the largest eBook distributor for independent authors had just announced they are adding Oyster and Flipkart to their list of retail partners. Oyster Oyster has been called the “Netflix of books” and the description is...

Authors! BookBaby Offering Publishing Sweepstakes

BookBaby, a company formed to work directly for authors is sponsoring a Mega Book Launch Sweepstakes, and the prizes are well, pretty "mega". The company is a team of authors, bloggers, programmers, and...

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