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Stephen Hawking Superhero in New Graphic Novel

Stephen Hawking, the legendary physicist will be making his debut as a graphic novel superhero. The 71 year old scientist considered by many as the greatest mind since Albert Einstein, will have...

SNL to Become Comic Book

L.McMaken 2-14-12 Cincinnati, OH   Bluewater Productions, the comic book company that is known for its "pop-culture" comics is now bringing Saturday Night Live to the comic world. The 24-page history of the show that has been...

Steve Jobs Memoir in Comic Book Form

L. McMaken 1-20-12 Cincinnati, OH   Bluewater Productions announced this week that they are releasing a "biography comic book" of Steve Jobs. The 32-page book covers the Apple founder's life. Author of the comic...

Behind the Mask – Revealing What’s Beyond the Page

Behind the Mask is an online radio show, brought to you by Readers Entertainment Group, about all things related to comicbooks and graphic novels. Originally airing once a month as part...

Daniel Vest, Author of Code Name: Zeus Interview Book Trailer

Novels Alive's Dayna Linton interviews comic book author and illustrator, Daniel Vest about his new comic book series, "Code Name: Zeus" and other tidbits about his exciting series. 

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