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Weekend Word Search: Christine Feehan Fan

Think you're a Feehan fan? Recognize all these words? Now find them! Play online or print! Christine Feehan Word Search

Book Trailer Feature: Spider Game by Christine Feehan Spider Game by Christine Feehan She is an experiment gone wrong. Deadly as she is beautiful. He is a Ghostwalker, lethal, dangerous. He has to stop her before his team does. Not just...

Samurai Game by Christine Feehan Book Trailer

She is as sensual as she is dangerous. They thought she was dead but she was waiting for revenge. Thorn was an experiment gone wrong. Now she is looking to save those...

“Ruthless Game” by Christine Feehan Book Trailer

Kane is on a dangerous mission where he stumbles across fellow Ghostwalker Rose Patterson, his ex lover. With the mafia and a covert government agency after them they are willing to do...

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