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Gritty, Defining, Emotional Read for Fall

Reader's Entertainment first meet author Robin Yocum at Ohio's Book by the Banks Event in 2011. You can read his interview here. He was a debut author introducing the gritty world of...

USA Book Award for Mystery/Suspense

L. McMaken 12-19-11 Cincinnati, OH   True crime writer Robin Yocum, (who I previously interviewed for RE. You can read the entire interview here) has just been awarded the USA Book News 2011 Award for Mystery/Suspense for...

Introducing Suspense Author Robin Yocum

L. McMaken 11-9-11 Cincinnati, OH   It's great to introduce new authors, particularly authors with a talent for good storytelling. I met author Robin Yocum at this year's Books by the Banks Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio. Robin...

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