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Thriller Writers Tour with USO

Bestselling and award winning thriller authors Clive Cussler, Sandra Brown, Kathy Reichs, Mark Bowden, and Andrew Peterson joined the USO/Armed Forces Entertainment to support the troops. "Operation Thriller II", took the authors...

Andrew Peterson talks Operation Thriller II, USO, and his Trip to the Troops

In an interview with Brad Pomerance of Charter Local Edition, I recall some of the experiences and people we met, overseas, on Operation Thriller II! Read more about Andrew Peterson at his website! Or...

Operation Thriller: Writers on USO Tour

Linda McMaken 7-27-11 Cincinnati,OH You know the names, Steve Berry, James Rollins, Andy Harp, David Morell, Dougles Preston - a Who's Who of thriller writers that have "thrilled" you, scare you and kept you up...

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