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Andy Cohen Books Imprint at Henry Holt Launches

The inaugural list of titles from Andy Cohen Books, his new eponymous imprint at Henry Holt, will launch in 2020 featuring three nonfiction works...

Amazon’s New Review Policy

For the last few months, Amazon has been changing its review policy and implementing new review standards. Authors have complained about reviews being taken...

Who’s Making Money From Pirated Audiobooks on YouTube?

Pirating books is a practice that has been around for years.  Someone copies a book and uploads it to a sharing site for others...

12 Romance Authors on the Character They Want to Meet Under the Mistletoe

Reprinted with permission from Pucker up, readers. Is there a literary character who sends you swooning? Perhaps one you wouldn’t mind sharing a kiss...

What I Love About Fall: Author Barbara Hinske

What I Love about Fall By Barbara Hinske The one word that best describes what I love most about fall is anticipation. I live in...

The RecTV Radio Podcast

Welcome to Reader's Entertainment Radio Podcast! Learn about reading, writing, industry news, and reader-themes while laughing, learning, and discovering! This is the place where books...