Publishers following COS trends

Without a doubt Circle of Seven Productions is the trend setter for book video creation and marketing. COS has been making book trailers since 2002, but started to revolutionize the trend in 2004 when they made a deal with a major movie theater chain and started showing book video in movie theaters.
A year later Harlequin decided to give it a try with a video by Heather Graham. And, today HarperCollins is determined to see if they can utilize movie theaters with the same effectiveness COS has experieneced. You can see the video HarperCollins made – HERE.

The COS Newsletter has many publishers, booksellers and competitors subscribed to it. Often, information newly released by COS is found later in blogs, competitor newsletters or as publisher’s press releases as they utilize COS marketing ideas.

So, the question is – What’s next?

After COS announced an online tv station for readers last year others found the idea to have merit. Simon and Schuster announced recently that they have started their own online site for book video called

Not only have publishers found book videos to be a great way to engage readers and entice them to buy, but booksellers have embraced the new age of video with Borders now offering book video in their newsletters, on their main Borders Media site and a special page just for romance. Barnes and Noble have their Meet The Writers program and are also taking book trailers to enhance their reader’s buying experince as seen on these pages-

Safe Harbor
Lord of the Fading Lands
And many, many more.

Authors are creating their own tv players for their site like Douglas Clegg and Cheryl Holt

Reader’s Entertainment TV has lead the way into a new trend to bring readers more dynamic material online. But, there’s more!

In 2006 COS worked with author Christine Feehan to start offering online games associated with books. The FOG (Feehan Online Game) attracted over 10,000 people who played the video game all the way through and received a screensaver as a prize!

The future of online marketing both with video and with other opportunities continues to be a main focus for COS Productions. Leading an industry into a new era of opportunity using video and online endeavors, new ideas and creative media is a staple for COS, and having industry giants follow that lead is a sure sign of success.

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