Book Review for Beyond Jack Squat by Pat Frank


In life, there will always be trial. We learn through our experiences, both negative and positive, to overcome adversity and to embrace joy when they come our way. And life’s course proves that both will come our way. In the spirit of overcoming challenges, Pat Frank writes Beyond Jack Squat.
The book’s protagonist, Jackie O’ Riley, lives in a time of great uncertainty and turmoil, where war and impoverished communities threaten the stability of the American landscape and its people. As he moves across the country in search of himself and his own path, he witnesses the evolution of our society. And always he is motivated by the will to become something greater.
Beyond Jack Squat is an excellent read for anybody who encounters negative forces in his or her life and is inspired to rise against solely by way of an intrinsic desire to succeed and to be “somebody.” In this time of our society’s own global and economic trials, Beyond Jack Squat will prove relevant to any reader whose will to work against and move beyond has not yet been drowned in the sea of life’s turmoil and in the midst of social unrest.