Book Review for Hunter’s Need by Shiloh Walker


Shiloh Walker has been writing for some time, and it shows. Her story-crafting skill has given her all that it takes to create intricate stories of love and the paranormal, and these stories have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Her Hunter series, for example, has been very well-received by readers drawn to this sub-genre of contemporary fiction, and the latest installment of the series, Hunter’s Need, is bound to capture their attention once again.
In Hunter’s Need, Analise Morell is a psychic who is being tormented by the voices of a serial killer’s victims, and she fears that it foretells of the killer’s intention of murdering once again. But calling on a Hunter from her past to aid her in thwarting the killer’s plans is no simple matter, because she has a complicated past with this particular Hunter, the shapeshifter Duke. After her betrayal of him, Ana is not too sure how any of this will unfold, and Duke is naturally reluctant to trust her, though he feels it necessary to help Ana in her time of need. To complicate matters, each still has an insatiable desire for the other. And now their cooperation is essential if they wish to thwart the powerful killer.
For readers of paranormal romance, Walker’s work is definitely required reading. Prepare yourselves for the next book in a captivating and complex series. It promises to be an excellent addition to your paranormal romance collection.