In Praise of Those Who Serve


It is not often that the words “military” and “love” are used in the same sentence, unless one is describing the patriotic passion possessed by men and women working in the various branches of the service. It is true that these soldiers have a love for their country and their freedoms (as well as ours), but let it not be assumed that these same people who serve have forgetten the value of the love that can exist between two people. Five authors, Anne Elizabeth, Tara Nina, DC DeVane, Lindsay Downs, and C.H. Admirand, are reminding us that love is an important part of all of our lives through their collaboration on a new anthology of works that deal with the subject of romance as it relates directly to members of Special Operations forces. Operation L.O.V.E. is a collection of five stories that ingeniously blend military action with the appeal of romance.
These five authors have ties of their own to the five branches of the military: each has either family members or friends who have served their country and secured their honor in this way. Each story in its own way relates a trial or experience of love as it pertains to an individual with direct involvement in one of the five branches of Special Operation forces. As is written in the first part of the anthology, the book was collectively written to provide support of American troops, educate, and promote romance on all levels.
Action and drama fit nicely into this memorable collection of stories about love and service. If you or anyone you know is connected in some way to military service, then this anthology will be an appropriate addition to your reading collection. Pay homage to those who have served our country by way of reading this dedication to both their efforts and their characters.